The transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies is necessary, urgent and possible. Sustainable development is only possible with the active participation of the world of work. Governments, employers and workers are not passive observers, but rather agents of change, capable of developing new ways of working that protect the environment for current and future generations, eradicate poverty and promote social justice by fostering sustainable enterprises and creating decent work for all.

Jobs created by the decarbonization agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean 2030: 22.5 million jobs created.


Sustainable agriculture

20 million

Renewable energy

100 thousand


550 thousand


60 thousand

Infografía 1

¿Puede una recuperación sostenible crear empleos mientras se reduce emisiones de carbono en América Latina y el Caribe?

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¿Quiénes se beneficiarán de los 22.5 millones de empleos creados por la agenda de descarbonización en América Latina y el Caribe?